Now that Summer vacation is coming to a close and the kiddos are preparing for another school year, your home will see a lot less foot traffic than it has the last three months. Pool parties, Summer barbecues, sleepovers and friends visiting has probably left your floors in much need of a little TLC. There is no better time than now to have Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration deep clean your floors back to squeaky clean! The next phase of the year is quickly approaching, the holidays will be here before we know it. Getting all the Summer grease and grime taken care of now will leave you more time for baking and entertaining when the hustle and bustle of the holidays ensues. So, after your floors have been deep cleaned, what are some ways you can keep them looking cleaner longer with the kiddos coming in and out after a long day at school? We’ve got some great recommendations for you!

Please Remove Your Shoes Sign

Kids pick up all kinds of foreign contaminants on the playground and at school that we don’t want drug back into our homes after a steam cleaning. If you haven’t already implemented the no shoes inside policy, now would be a great time to start. High traffic areas in your home will get dirty the fastest. Black marks on our floors come from the pavement, asphalt and dirt our kiddos play on all day. If we have everyone take their shoes off at the door, this eliminates about 70% of the staining that occurs to carpeted flooring. A great way to implement this rule is to keep a basket by the front door, stocked with fuzzy socks or house slippers as a fun way to enforce that everyone takes their shoes off before they come inside.

Ideas for Hanging Backpacks to Keep Off Floor

Setting up a special place in your home where the kiddos can hang their backpacks after school will aid in keeping your home cleaner as well. Backpacks tend to get thrown around quite a bit during the day and pick up a lot of dirt and grime too! If backpacks get thrown onto your floors, chances are all the things that get stuck to the bottom of their backpacks will get all over the floor too! Wipe off the bottoms of their back packs now and then with a damp cloth, occasional washing of their back packs is a plus too because they get dirty fast!

Empty Lunch Boxes Everyday

Many kids don’t finish all their food at lunch and the occasional drink gets left inside their lunch boxes. Lunch boxes should head straight to the kitchen and not left out on the floor. Old drinks can leak and lunch from that day can end up on your carpets. Always double check to make sure their lunch boxes are emptied at the end of the day.

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Small things add up to big ones when it comes to making your next steam cleaning last for as long as possible. Let’s face it, with kids nothing is guaranteed, but doing these small tasks everyday will aid in keeping your floors looking squeaky clean for the months to come! Give Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration a call to schedule your home’s next hot water extraction steam carpet cleaning!