Homeowners are using wool carpeting to cover the floors in their homes because of the plush texture and the luxurious status. High quality wool carpet has the potential to last a lifetime due to the extreme durability with proper maintenance and proper care. With that in mind we at Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration would like to elaborate on some of the basics on how you can do just that.

Wool Carpets & Water

For starters, hot water should always be avoided when treated spills, spots, and stains. Hot water can cause damage and potentially set stains into the fibers; stick with cool to warm temperatures. Since wool is a natural fiber, water will not cause it to warp, stretch or shrink. Plain water can be the top choice to tend to spills and spots. However, like with any type of carpet, too much moisture can be detrimental; resulting in strong odors, discoloration, and mold growth. In isolated areas where accidental over saturation occurs, it is crucial you get the area dry quickly. If weather permits, open the windows, and flip on ceiling fans and set out portable fans if applicable. If you have access to a wet/dry vac or other such extraction equipment, draw up as much liquid as possible. At the very least use towels to pull up as much as moisture as possible and then place a dry towel in the area and add weights on top of it for a few hours. Call a professional water damage restoration company promptly in the tragic event your wool carpets were subjected to flooding conditions for treatment.

Wool Carpets Maintenance

Daily vacuuming is beneficial for your wool carpets, but be sure do it at as frequently as possible. Always vacuum prior to applying any liquid or cleaning detergents to the surface if you should chose to do any of your own carpet shampooing. Treating any spills should occur promptly and only use patting or blotting techniques, avoid scrubbing and rubbing. Wool carpets feature a waxy coating that is designed to repel liquids which minimizes the likelihood of staining, however, the longer a substance lingers, the greater risk of staining.

Wool Carpets Cleaners

Not all carpets are safe to use on wool carpeting; be sure to read the label carefully. For optima; results, manufacturers encourage using carpet cleaner specifically formulated for wool carpets. To avoid disintegrating the wool fibers, never use any bleach (chlorine) or bleach based cleaners. Should any stubborn stains need to be treated, use peroxide to gently remove them without risking fading the color from the wool. Grease or grime residues that might smudge the wool carpets can be dissolved with a dishwashing liquid soap solution. Organic material-based stains should be tended with bio-enzyme cleaners to safely and effectively remove them.
Always conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area to make certain the color or fibers will not be compromised no matter if opt to use a DIY solution or commercial product.

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Wool carpets should be professionally cleaned for optimal results when they are in need of a deep cleaning as opposed to DIY shampooing. Generally, 1-2 times a year is best in addition to your own care and maintenance to preserve your wool carpets. When your wool carpets are due for a professional carpet cleaning, contact Go Green Carpet Cleaning Restoration and let our specialists get it done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today!