The holidays are a busy season for many. The hustle and bustle from the activities, events, parties, and get-togethers leave people exhausted. In addition to the fun, there are many projects that go underway, whether they are to bring the spirit of Christmas into the home or spread the Christmas cheer to family and friends. Indulging in hobbies that make for cute decorations or sentimental gifts is often included in the holiday traditions. With the various activities occurring, the odds of your freshly cleaned carpets recently serviced by Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration can become tarnished by different eye-sores. To help you preserve your carpets vibrant cleanliness for the remainder of the festivities, we would like to offer tips and advice on how you can do it.

Holiday Carpet Cleaning & Care Tips

1) Pet maintenance. Pet hair is frequently being shed. The hair/fur accumulates into clumps and sticks to the surfaces such as upholstery, carpets, and guest’s clothing. To help avoid the hair mess, get the pet’s shampoo, cut, and nails clipped.
2) Limit kids’ crafting space. The kids need to express their creativity and have an outlet to release the excitement and anticipation of Christmas. Giving the kids a crafting center on top of hard surface floors will help avoid potential stains from the stain-causing agents of art work, baking, gingerbread houses, and other such crafts. In the event spills do occur, be sure to immediately wipe them up to prevent further contamination.
3) Clean the fireplace. Wood-burning fireplaces can be very messy. The embers, ash, and soot can mar the carpets presentation with unsightly stains. To prevent them, be sure to clean out the fireplace after every use.
4) Enforce no shoes on carpet rule. Some people have a reservation in enforcing the “no shoes” on carpet rule, but it is ideal to avoid stains to do so as so many residues collected on the bottoms of shoes can cause stains and filthy deposits onto the carpets. To encourage the comfy and cozy appeal to your party of wearing no shoes, incorporate a Christmas socks theme. It is ok to ask loved ones to kick off their shoes and stay awhile.
5) Serve clear and white wines over reds. There are many forms of merriment for the holidays. Red wines, hot chocolates, and other dark beverages frequently served at your holiday activities can be switched out with white champagne, wines, liquor, and sparkling cider. If these beverages spill on your clean carpets, they are easier to treat.
6) Place welcome entry mats. Walk-off mats are important all year round, but for added holiday décor, you can opt for new Christmas themed “welcome” mats. Otherwise make certain your current mats are routinely cleaned. They trap the majority of filth, moisture and residues that tract inside to reduce the chances of getting spots on your carpets.

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