Pets are a part of many people’s lives. They fill our hearts with their devotion, loyalty, and unconditional love. Being a pet owner, has many responsibilities. When it comes to your indoor pet, routine grooming, hair trimming and nail trimming is beneficial to avoid the claws doing any damage as well as the accumulating pet hair. But pets are likely to have accidents inside your home. Whether they are a chronic indoor potty issue, or have isolated accidents because they can no longer wait for someone to come home, pet accidents are common. Most people are only concerned for their carpets and rugs when it comes to accidents, but people should also be wary about tile and grout too. Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration would like to briefly account for the issues that derive from pet stains.

Clean up Puppy & Dog Urine Right Away

Your first response when seeing a pet has an accident is to immediately clean it up. Much like carpets, the longer the accident settles, the more challenging it can be to remove and the more damage it can do. Grout is especially prone to damage where pet accidents are concerned, due to their high porosity. As urine dries, the pH level can reach anywhere between 10 and 12 on the scale, where fresh urine on has a pH level of about 6 for example. The reaction with the surface has an effect of oxidation causing the color of the infected surface can be altered as the pH rises during while urine is drying. If not treated immediately and left to dry for extended periods of time, the damage becomes irreversible and the stain permanent. DIY remedies and even department store products are often inadequate when contending with dry pet accidents, making professional cleaning mandatory for removal.

Pet Accidents Can Etch & Damage Tile

The pet accidents that include pee, poop, and puking has an acidic content that will not only stain, but make the surface susceptible to etching. If the issue isn’t corrected, the etching can easily lead to unsightly cracks and even crumbling. Extreme cases will cause for your grout to be replaced.

Tile & Grout Floor Sealer

To offer more protection for your grout and tile; making it more resistant to pet stains and odors among other spills, you can have your tile sealed. More often than not, a professional comprehensive tile and grout cleaning will conclude after a sealing, per homeowners agreement to the service and charge, if not there are many sealants available that homeowners can do on their own. Because the grout is especially porous, and when the tile is scratched, the pet accidents can cause staining as well as allow odors to seep in.

Tile & Grout Cleaning, Sealing & More in Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Diamond Bar & Agoura Hills, California.

With your maintenance and cleaning tactics along with professional deep tile and grout cleaning services, you can better keep your grout vibrant and fresh. Staining and odors are a major issue, but pet accidents can easily spread bacteria, making the grout a perfect breeding ground for it. Not all DIY methods are efficient enough to neutralize the bacteria, so even if you manage to remove any stains and odors, periodic tile and grout cleaning services should still be in place to effectively disinfect the tile and grout. If your tile and grout hasn’t been professionally cleaned, call in the experts of Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration to clean, sanitize, and deodorize your tile and grout, especially if pets are in the home.