When it comes to your commercial carpets how do you know if they are really clean? Unless you notice an obvious stain or spill you probably have a janitor or staff member run a vacuum cleaner over your carpets and door mats every day or so. According to the knowledgeable experts at Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, daily vacuuming is nowhere near sufficient enough to keep your carpets as clean as they should be. Over time, dirt, dust, and sand can accumulate on your carpets and a continuous stream of foot traffic can grind this dirt deep into the carpet fibers causing damage which can cause premature aging.

What Carpet Contaminants are Affecting Indoor Air Quality?

Everyday your shoes and those of your employees and guests travel over a variety of different surfaces picking up dirt, dust, sand and other debris. Even if you have a door mat, the chances are extremely high that your employees and patrons will track these and other contaminants into your office environment. Vacuuming alone will pick up the dirt trapped on the surface but it barely reaches the dirt and debris that is trapped deep down. Schedule an appointment with your Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration specialist for a professional deep carpet cleaning and deodorizing service.

Soda Spills & Food Stains on Carpet

With a busy office environment chances are your employees eat and drink at their desks. If you take a close look at their work area you will probably find food particles and drink stains on the carpet. These stains not only look visually unappealing but they can also lead to bacteria growth and sour odors that not only linger they can also make your employees sick.

Dirty Carpet Health Hazards

In fact your carpet could be a petri dish of contaminants and bacteria including mold, mildew, E.coli, norovirus, staphylococcus and many others. Mold in particular grows in warm, moist environments and can flourish within 48 hours. The best way to prevent bacteria and mold growth is to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned on a regular basis.

Dust Mites & Pests in Carpet

Even though you may not see any signs of pests, it does not mean that they are not there lurking beneath the surface. Pests such as dust mites and fleas can thrive in your carpets feeding on skin flakes and dander. Dust mites can be particularly worrisome as they are known to cause allergies asthma and other respiratory issues. Vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis can help but it is not enough to keep your carpets as clean as they should be.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Diamond Bar & Agoura Hills, California

Instead keeping your carpets clean and maintained with a professional carpet cleaning service will not only remove all traces of ground in dirt and stains it can also remove bacteria, allergens and pests along with extending the life of your carpets and saving you your hard earned cash.To learn more about commercial carpet cleaning and stain removal services, contact the knowledgeable experts at Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration today.