There are some spills and stains that get on your carpet that require special attention. If you drip hot wax on the carpet you have to use an iron and a brown paper sack. If you get red wine on your carpet a good way to neutralize it is to use white wine. Many stains have a unique process to ensure that they do not spread further and that they are cleaned properly. A type of spot that is in the same group is mud! When you are unlucky enough to get mud on your carpet you will need to use a specific cleaning method. The issue is that the mud is actually made up of two different things. It has dirt from outside as well as moisture from water and rain. The mud is a thick sludge that can get in the carpet and stick to the fibers.

Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Lists The Steps Needed to Clean Mud From Your Carpet

Dry Out Mud on Carpet: The majority of stains and spills that you read about will tell you that speed is the key. You need to move fast with cleaning the spill in order to have the best results. The opposite is true when it comes to mud. The mud consists of water and dirt. The best thing you can do is to allow the mud that has attached to the carpet fibers to dry out. The moisture in the dirt is what will cause it to continue to remain sticky as well as spread out. You will have to refrain from cleaning the mud until it has had adequate time to dry all the way through. You can use a fan to add air to the area to encourage the drying process. After you have allowed the mud to dry out you can start on the next step.
Break Up Soil Clumps on Carpet: The next step has to do with the dirt that is now left behind. You want to use a brush or other hard item to break apart the dirt. When it dried out the dirt is still left compacted together and potentially attached to the carpet fibers. The brush will break the clumps apart and allow you the ability to remove it. The best way to remove the dirt that has been broken apart or brushed is to use the hose attachment to your vacuum. This will help to pull the loose dirt up so that it does not spread back out.
Clean the Carpet Area: Lastly you will notice that the dirt has left some discoloration to the area. You want to use a mixture of water and dish detergent to spray the area. Then use a rag to dab at the spot until the color is back to the carpets original state.

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It is always best to do what you can to prevent mud from getting in your home. You can do this by adding good quality mats at every entrance of your home. Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration offers expert cleaning and restoration services. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.