It doesn’t make sense that a large, bad stain can be easier to remove than a smaller one that seems easy. To make sense of this let’s look at how professionals handle stains. Stains can be put into two categories, easy and difficult. It’s obvious that some stains are harder to remove than others but what isn’t obvious is why.

Easy VS Difficult to Remove Carpet Stains

Stains are easy if they can be removed with a shampoo or spot remover. Easy stains also dissolve in the shampoos and spot removers that are used in carpet cleaning. These stains are usually soil and grease spills from common food. Stains that are difficult are those that aren’t removed easily with shampoo and will need another product and/or procedure. These stains are colored which means they have pigment that colors the product. These stains include paint, ink, nail polish and wax. The pigments in these items makes it very hard to remove these stains because they dye the carpet.

Removing Difficult Carpet Stains

Turn Carpet Stain Back into a Liquid – The way difficult stains are removed is with a product that turns the stain back into a liquid, so it can be extracted. Sometimes this is easy. With nail polish, for example, acetone is used. The acetone turns the nail polish back into a liquid making it easier to remove. Ink is a difficult stain to remove and may need different products to re-liquefy it.
Chemical Reaction to Fade Carpet Stain – There are other stains that need a chemical reaction to fade the stain. These stains include red wine, coffee, tea, some inks, pet stains and sodas. These can also require different products, and some will be easier to remove than others. There are a few stains that can only be removed by affecting the color of the carpet, but they are few. Bleach marks are not stains. Bleach marks are permanent damage to the carpet and can only be fixed by recoloring, patching or replacement.

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners to Remove Stains
You will get the best results with easy stains because they react better to shampoos and spot cleaners, but don’t be discouraged if you need to deal with a difficult one. Inexperienced carpet cleaners may tell you that you have set the stain in with your attempts to remove them and that there isn’t anything that can be done. It is highly unlikely that the products you have used had a reaction with the stain to “set it”. The right technician with the right experience and products should be able to remove most stains. Professionals also know how to handle stains on any kind of carpet.

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A difficult stain can be the size of a quarter. It may need more time and will most likely require additional products and methods to remove. Easy or difficult, Go Green Carpet Cleaning will be able to get your carpets looking great again. You can trust our professionals to determine which product(s) and methods are needed to get any stain out! Contact us to learn more today!