One of the top crafting crazes for kids happens to be slime. They use ingredients like glue, food coloring, water and more to make a substance that is sticky, gooey and slimy. It is easy to make and can be fun for days. The biggest problem occurs when they are walking around the house with the slime and happen to let some drip on the carpet. They might even set it down and it seeps down in the carpet. This is a stain that you have to know the best way to get it out of your carpet. The slime is made to be sticky and the more the pull the more it will stretch out. The other issue happens to be that the slime usually has some sort of artificial coloring in it that could stain the carpet fibers too.

Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Lists the Steps to Take to Remove Slime from Your Carpet

Remove Excess Slime from Carpet: The first step you need to take whether the slime is still wet or has had time to dry is to scoop away the excess. This is so that you can get down to the slime that is actually attached to the carpet fibers. You can use a spoon to scoop up as much of the excess as possible. Have a trash can nearby so you can toss it out before it has time to drip back on the carpet. If the slime is already dried up you can follow up with a vacuum to get the pieces that have been scraped away from the main stain or spot.
Use a Carpet Cleaner: You want to make sure you have the slime spot down to a minimum. You should be only working with the area that has slime that is stuck to the actual carpet fibers. You can use a cleaning solution but the best option you have is to use WD-40. You want to make sure that the cleaner is safe for your carpet but doing a spot test in a hidden space. You want to make sure that you have gloves on to protect your skin during the process. Then use the WD-40 and saturate the area that you need to treat. You can spray the spot with the cleaner directly and allow it to sit and work on the spot for about 15 minutes. This will allow the solvent to break down the elements of the slime.
Dab Slime Away: Now you can use a clean cloth and dab at the spot after the allotted amount of time. This will help to transfer the stain from the carpet to the wash cloth. Be sure that you use a wash cloth you are not too concerned about. You want to continue to dab at the spot until the color and slime has come off.
Clean Carpet Stain: Lastly it is important to use a warm water and dish soap mixture to clean up the area. This is the final step and will leave the carpet clean and free from the slime stain. You want to use a fresh clean cloth and soak it into the mixture. Then dab at the space to help clean and remove the WD-40 and any remnants of slime.

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