Have you ever handed your kids a candy that somehow ends up on the carpet? Nothing is worse than walking around to find that the chewy candy they had never made it in their belly. Maybe someone dropped a chewed piece of gum on the carpet. These are what you would consider a spot because they are on top of the carpet fibers. The problem with these types of spots are they are sticky enough that they will immediately attach the fibers. That makes them seem near impossible to remove from the carpet. The first instinct for most people is to run over and start to grab and pull the gum or candy off. The problem you can possibly come across is damage to the carpet fibers. This could lead to needing a carpet repair or patch. There are a few ways you can use to treat for gum that has become stuck to the carpet.

Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Outlines Methods To Get Gum Or Sticky Candy Off Your Carpet Fibers

Use Ice to Remove Gum from Carpet: The first way you can attempt to get the gum off your carpet is to use a bag of ice. You can put some ice in a bag that zips shut to prevent them from falling out or an ice pack. The ice is then going to be placed right over the top of the gum or candy. The process will freeze the sticky food and give you a chance to work with it without having it stretch out and get messier. Allow the ice to stay in the spot for a few minutes. The next step is to get a hard object like a credit card or a butter knife to work the stiff gum off the carpet. You may need to pick off what you can then refreeze the gum. Take your time with this part of the process. Once you have taken time to freeze and chip away the gum that is on the carpet you need to clean the rest of the stain. The discoloration of the carpet needs to be treated after the gum has been removed. Use a cleaning solution such as water and vinegar. This can clean the remaining spot and the carpet looking great.
Use Peanut Butter to Get Gum Out of Carpet: Have you ever gotten gum in your hair? Most people have and their mom runs off to grab a jar of peanut butter. A slather of the peanut butter and massage into the hair is enough to break the gum or sticky candy down. This will let you comb the gum out. The same thing can work on your carpet. The oil in the peanut butter is what works with the stickiness and breaks it down. It will start to fall apart and then you can pick up the pieces. You can use peanut butter or oil on the carpet as long as you are careful. You don’t want to allow the oil to soak in too much so keep the oil as close to the gum or candy as possible. As the gum or candy breaks down you need to pick it up and dispose of it. Then clean the remaining spot with warm water and soap.

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