Your home is a place that is in need of cleaning and picking up to keep it looking good. Most people spend time each day straightening and cleaning some aspect of the house. One area of the home that needs to be cared for and cleaned as soon as a problem occurs is the carpet. They are used every day by everyone in the home and that means that dirt, debris and stains will start to appear. The stains and spills need to be cleaned so that they are removed without leaving any permanent damage. Once you have cleaned a spill of some sort you assume that it will stay gone. The problem is that there is something referred to as recurring stains! That is when a spot that you cleaned comes back! This can be extremely frustrating and you may be wondering what could cause this.

Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Lists Reasons Your Stains Might Reappear On Your Carpets

Carpet Wicking Stains Are Recurring: You can tell you have had a stain come back if it reappears after you have cleaned a spot and it comes back when the carpet has had time to dry. The spill usually hits the carpet and will soak into fiber, backing and padding. The longer the spill has to sit on the carpet the further it will make it down into the backing and padding. When you come along and clean the spot or spill off the carpet you are essentially getting the top layer of the spill clean. The carpet will look and seem clean to the eye but the spill is still there. As the carpet dries from the cleaning process the same spill will appear back on the carpet right where it was before. The spill basically soaks back up through the backing to the fibers. You need to deep clean a spill that has had time to soak all the way into the padding and backing. This is best left to a professional that has the ability to use commercial grade equipment to suction out the liquid.
Brown Spots & Pet Stains that Keep Coming Back: Another common way that a stain will show back up on the carpet is what is referred to as rapid re-soiling. This is due to the cleaning solution and process that you use to clean the original stain. The process that you use to clean the spot may be great at getting the stain out of the carpet but is leaving behind residue. The residue is what will cause the carpet to be sticky and that allows debris and dirt to re-attach to that area with ease. The original stain will be gone and could be gone for some time. The spot shows back up as you use the carpet to walk and live on. The dirt that you are bringing back in the house will attach more to the area that has the residue than the rest of the carpet. That makes the spot seem to reappear.

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