Does your family just not feel complete? One way to complete a family and make your house a home is to bring home a four legged pet. A dog is a great way to bring a loving and loyal member to the house. There are several benefits to having a dog in the home. They have a natural defense for a would be intruder. When someone knocks on the door they are sure to start barking alerting the intruder that they might want to move on. They also are a good way to get health. They need to be taken out for a walk often which means you are going to be out more as well. The dog also is a great companion for all the members of the family and can give them some love and affection. They are a great addition to your house but can also bring with them some messes as well. You want to be sure that you have a plan to treat and clean the stains and spots they are sure to get on your carpets.

Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Lists Stains & Contaminants Your Dog May Leave On Your Carpet

Dog Urine & Feces Carpet Stains: Bringing a new puppy home is such a joy for a family. Everyone gathers around and enjoys loving and calling the new puppy to crawl on their lap. The problem is that a new puppy has to then be trained where they are supposed to go to use the bathroom. If you have a dog door they are able to find the door and go out when they need. Some have to learn how to alert the owner that they need a bathroom break. During this learning process you will be stuck cleaning up urine and feces off the carpet. The biggest issue that you are going to deal with is the urine stains also leaves odor behind as well. The urine soaks in the carpet and has to be neutralized to get it out.
Mud, Dirt & Grass Carpet Stains: Now that the dog has learned how to use the bathroom and what they need to do get outdoors you need to be aware of what they are bringing in. The dog will head out to the yard and run around the rocks, dirt and grass while they search for the perfect spot to use the bathroom. When they come running back in the house their paws are covered with mud, dirt and grass that then ends up on your carpets. They are not able to wipe off their feet so you want to be ready to clean these types of messes and stains.
Dog Hair & Dander in Carpet: The fluffier the puppy the cuter they seem to be. What you need to consider is how much hair you want to clean off your couches and carpet. Dogs are usually going to have a shedding problem twice in a year and smaller shedding the rest of the year. The hair can end up all over the house and that is why you want to be sure that you stay on top of cleaning the hair and dander from your couches and carpets as often as possible.

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