When it comes to caring for carpet, no one does it better than the professionals. However we can’t have a professional carpet cleaner over to our home every time a spill or stain appears on the carpet. The next best solution is learning the tips and tricks of the professional carpet cleaner. Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration will share some of these with you today. Below are some of the secrets of the trade and how professional carpet cleaners handle the toughest stains or carpet cleaning tasks.

Carpet Stain Removal Tips from Our Expert Carpet Cleaners

Blotting – Never scrub a stain because that only causes the stain to spread and get pushed deeper into the carpet fibers. The secret to cleaning stains is blotting. When you blot at a stain you apply a small amount of pressure, which helps to soak the liquid out of the carpet.
White Cloth or Paper Towel – Never use a colored rag, cloth, or paper towel to clean stains. Always use a white one instead. Colored cloths or paper towels contain dye that while you’re cleaning the stain, can actually spread inside your carpets. This, of course, makes another stain.
Shaving Cream – Shaving cream makes an excellent stain remover. On stubborn stains put some shaving cream on top of the stain for 30 minutes then blot at the stain with a dry white cloth.
Ice Cubes – Ice cubes are used to remove gum from carpet. You place the ice over the gum until the gum hardens. You then break the gum into piece and vacuum the broken gum fragments up. This technique minimizes the amount of carpet that needs to be removed in-order to get the gum out.
Dishwashing Soap – Dishwashing soap is used all the time to remove stains, particularly grease or oil related stains. Dishwashing soap breaks up and dissolves grease and many other types of stains. Always keep liquid dish soap in the home.
Clothing Iron – When melted wax spills onto the carpet your best bet to remove the wax is to melt and extract it. Often to remove wax from carpet you will use a paper bag with a damp cloth over it. Next you use a clothing iron set at low or medium heat, and press down on the stain. The heat melts the wax and then the wax gets absorbed by the paper bag. The damp cloth prevents the paper bag from catching fire.
Hydrogen Peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide is often used in different ways to clean different types of stain. One use which is the most beneficial is to use hydrogen peroxide on blood stains. The hydrogen peroxide lifts the blood out of the carpet and makes the stain much easier to clean.
Vinegar – For those with pets, be prepared for accidents to occur. Urine contains proteins and bacteria that produce bad odors even after you clean the stain. To eliminate the bad odor and kill the bacteria and protein that is in the carpet, use vinegar.
Baking Soda – For bad smelling carpets, invest in baking soda. Apply baking soda generously to those stinky areas for 30 minutes or longer before vacuuming it up.

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Carpet should be deep cleaned regularly to extend the life of your home’s carpet. The next time you need your carpet steam cleaned, contact Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration!