Though most are busy scheduling, activities, vacation, and other fun during the summer months, few realize the impact the summer has on carpets. Once you know how the summer is likely to negatively effect, you can avoid or minimize the deterioration it has. We at Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration would like to share the problems summer can have on the carpet.

Summer Carpet Problems

1) Allergens, Beetles, Bugs & Pests on Carpet. Summer seasonal allergies are on the rise and running rapid and insects are at their most activities. Allergens are easily introduced into homes through the central air system, brought in on shoes and pets and other such methods. Insects can also easily come indoors on a variety ways. Change the air filters regularly, keep the lawn, shrubs, and trees trimmed and pruned away from the house, and daily vacuuming can collect the majority of the allergens and insects. These few little things can help reduce the pests and allergens.
2) Sun Faded Carpet Damage. The carpet’s color fades with the sunlight, especially when it has direct contact. During the summer months, the sun is more intense, which only expedites the effects the UV deterioration and color fading that results in the carpets looking dull and lifeless. This is gradual process isn’t always noticeable until homeowners move around furniture and see the comparison. Move the furniture around periodically to even out the sun exposure. Invest in window treatments such as UV films curtains, drapes, and/or blinds to cover up the direct contact of the sun to help prevent the fading and the UV damage.
3) Heavy Foot Traffic. Whether you got the grandkids over more frequently or your own kids home for the summer, the carpets are going to experience the additional foot traffic. Extra visitors are also likely during the summer and with more foot traffic come more dirt and debris along with normal abuse from walking to and fro and the activities kids do. It if it isn’t under control, the carpets can quickly appear rough. Daily vacuuming to control the dirt and debris is optimal. Be sure to place outdoor walk-off mats at the regularly used entry points and sweep them off as often as needed. Enforce the “no shoes worn on carpet” rule and have an indoor rug at the entry door to help contain the dirt.
4) Bacteria, Mildew, and Mold Growth on Carpet. Mildew, mold, and other bacteria typically require warmth and moisture to take seed and flourish; just what summer brings. With the warm temperatures of the summer months and the moisture produced from kids playing in the pool, sprinkler use, summer storms, or even excess humid day, the mold and mildew spores that are likely on the carpet can easily blossom. Where mold especially prefers darkness, it will even grow rapidly under the carpet, where you won’t realize it is there until the damage is done. To avoid the potential mold, mildew, and other forms of bacteria growing in your carpets, utilize dehumidifiers where applicable. If the kids indulge in water games make sure they are dry before making contacting with the carpet. Ensure the windows and doors are shut tight during summer rain storms. Should excess water/liquid make contact with your carpets, promptly dry the area with a clean, dry towel.

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With the help of Go Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration comprehensive carpet cleaning services, we can extract the dirt and other soil, any insect and eggs, stains, odors, as well as disinfect the carpets from potential mold and bacteria to help prevent the summer abuse from occurring on your carpets in addition to your efforts. Call us to schedule your carpet cleaning service!