We all know that having carpet in your home is something that you need to care for and clean regularly. The cleaning of the carpet includes running the vacuum often to remove dirt and debris that can stain and damage the fibers. You also need to clean those pesky stains and spills that always seem to occur often. The treatment can be different for each depending on what type of stain you are dealing with. If you have wax you need to use heat whereas if you have gum you need ice. The treatments can and will vary quite drastically so it is good to know what to use for each kind. This is not the only problem that you will run into when dealing with carpets. They can also be a home to some unwanted guests. These guests are pests that can not only be harmful to your family but to your carpet as well causing permanent bald spots. What pests are in your carpets and what can you do about it?

Go Green Carpet Cleaning Lists Pests that Could Be Living in Your Carpets & How To Deal With Them

Carpet Beetles: The most common pest that you may come in contact with on your carpets happens to be the carpet beetle. The carpet beetle is common and is something that can be a problem to your carpet because of the damage they cause. The great thing is that they are not harmful to you personally but can cost you money when you are required to replace your carpets early. The carpet beetle lives in the fibers of the carpet and that is because that is their choice of meal. They love to eat the fibers and as they do they cause damage. The fibers will star to be destroyed and you can end up with holes and dead patches on the carpet. These bald spots are often the first sign that you have carpet beetles. You want to be sure that if you suspect carpet beetles you have your carpets professionally cleaned immediately.
Fleas in Carpet: The next pest that can be a problem for carpets is the flea. They are a pest that is often thought to be a problem for pets but that can be the way they made it in your home. During the cold months they need to find a place to overwinter and live and your nice warm carpet is a perfect match. The problem is that the flea needs to have a meal of blood but have been known to live for up to a year without it. If you spend time on the carpet you could be bitten by the flea and so can your pets and other family members.
Many pests can be found occasionally in your carpets. They might be looking for a warm spot to live or looking for food to eat. If this happens you will need to have your carpets professionally cleaned to remove them.

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